Jim offers different mentoring services for different stages of creation. 

for manuscripts

I offer editorial and mentoring services on an individual basis for completed or near-completed manuscripts. For more detailed information, read the F.A.Q. below. 


for general lessons

If you don’t have a completed manuscript, or are looking for more general lessons, I do remote lessons on Storyteller Academy. Click below to go to the site to learn more. 

for kids

I do remote courses to teach children about writing and design thinking on Creativity Camp. Click below to go to the site to learn more.  



More detailed information about mentoring services.

What I do is help make your manuscript the best it can be in the time we have, with a goal of moving it closer to submission readiness. I don’t do copy-editing, although some may happen incidentally.

I will personally evaluate the manuscript for free and if I believe I can help you, we can set up details. It could be anything from one phone meeting to an ongoing meeting over a longer period of time. I do the evaluation to make sure that you are taking the best economical approach for you.

Because each project is so different, the best way to start is to click the “contact” tab above, then click “click here to contact me” to send me a brief description of your needs. Be sure to choose mentoring/editorial check box. I will reply asking for more information, the specifics of which are under “What do I need to send you?” 

After you contact me initially, I will email you requesting more information about your project and your intentions in writing it. Reply and tell me more.

a) For picture books also attach the manuscript. Double-spaced, 12 point, with 1” margins. You may send up to 3 picture book manuscripts.
b) For novels send a one page synopsis (can be single spaced) and 10 consecutive, representative pages that are double-spaced, 12 point, 1” margins. The first pages are best, if possible. One novel at a time, please.

If we proceed with mentoring/editorial services, I charge $200/hour. It includes all reading, preparation of written feedback and phone/Skype conversations.

I will work within your budget constraints. For example, if you tell me you can only afford $400 at this time, I will limit my time spent to 2 hours to accommodate


Testimonials from actual mentees.

Dane Liu-Wimmer


Dane Liu-Wimmer


"Studying with Jim has been enlightening. In addition to clarifying the fundamentals of writing, he has helped me excavate my voice. Under his guidance, the characters in my stories have become fuller and more compelling. It's easy to see Jim has a passion for the craft. I feel lucky to learn from him--an expert teacher and an attentive and gracious mentor."

"I truly had a lovely time in our session. Getting your feedback on my work means more than you know. I have only just started to have the confidence to write."

Isabella Kung


Araina D.


"As an author/illustrator himself, Jim understood my process and gave amazing feedback for both my writing and my illustration sketches. Jim has an innate ability to pinpoint each story's core and articulate its underlying problem. I've gained a lot from Jim's online class and his insightful critiques and cannot recommend it enough!"

Lily L.


"I want to let you know that I have an offer for the book. Thank you sooo much for the consult. It was exactly what I needed to get the book ready for acquisition. ... [T]hank you for helping me become a debut picture book author."

Lily L.