School visits

School visits are a unique kind of learning opportunity. Having an author interact directly with students allows  for a deeper understanding of the themes of their book, the process of its creation, and of authorship in general. More importantly, a visit invites a deeper sense of curiosity and engagement with both the work and its creation, inviting new perspectives and new involvement.

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I offer many different presentations and many different visit styles. The visit types are listed below, and the presentation descriptions are available through the button below. 

In-Person visit

Due to COVID-19, I am currently not doing in-person visits. Information regarding in-person visits will only become available once it is safe to resume them.

Single-School Remote visit

Single-school remote visits are tailored to each school’s individual schedule, and are limited to that school. Each visit includes a presentation over Zoom (or another platform) that lasts up to an hour. 

These sessions cost $500 each.

Multi-school remote visit

Multi-school remote visits are open to more than one school at a time, and as such are not tailored to individual schedules. It is expected that for each sessions, there will be a total or around six schools. The times and dates of these visits are by sign up, and are at my choosing. The implementation is currently being worked on, and further information will be put up once the details are finalized.

These sessions cost $150 each.

where to find funding

It can sometimes be difficult to find the funding to afford a visit, so I’ve compiled a list of resources and suggestions for how to find the funds.


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The difference in cost comes from the amount of time invested in each type of visit. With single-school visits, I have to coordinate with the school on an individual level, which is hours of extra preparatory work. With multi-school visits, on the other hand, the work is limited to the presentation time itself. In short, the per-hour rates are roughly equivalent, and the difference comes from the amount of time spent on arranging the visit.  

I prefer to use Zoom for remote visits due to its stability as a platform. However, if your school uses a different platform, I am happy to accommodate. Just let me know in advance which platform to use, and I will make sure I will be able to present with it. 

For remote visits, I do a test run 1-2 days before the presentation itself, which allows me to be sure that the set-up will work for the real presentation. 

To arrange an in-person or single-school remote visit, just use one of the above buttons or the “contact” menu item to contact me. We can then figure out specifics together via email. For multi-school visits, the implementation is currently being worked on. Once it is finalized, the details will be listed. 

Yes! If you sign up for a single-school remote visit and refer me to another school that signs up, I will give your school a 20% discount, lowering the cost from $500 to $400. Also, if there are extenuating circumstances, such as COVID-19, I may be able to lower the price. Contact me to ask for more information.

If you have any further questions or concerns, contact me. I am willing to answer questions, consider requests, and accommodate what I can. 


Real reviews, from real teachers and librarians.

Nichols School

"...your presentations were just terrific! One student said you helped him see that there's so much going on in the world outside Buffalo."

"Teachers were delighted by how engaged the students were!"

Baywood Elementary

Anonymous Librarian

"Even the grumpy teachers loved it!"

Video Testimonials

Testimonials from teachers.

You Could Hear a Pin Drop

Staff after an in-school presentation in Rocky River, Ohio.

A Lifelong Change for Our Students

Staff after an in-school presentation in Rocky River, Ohio.